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So…there’s something wrong with your oven and you’re not sure how to fix it?

Not to worry, this guide will help you identify and repair the most common issues with ovens we see at Oven Fixer having repaired thousands of ovens over the years.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into some of the most common oven repairs you can do about it.

Table of contents

  • How to Repair Your Oven?
  • What is the lifespan of an oven?
  • How much does it cost to repair an oven?
  • Should I repair or replace my oven?
  • Who specialises in oven repairs?

How to Repair Your Oven:

Why doesn’t my oven turn on?

Does your oven have no power to it whatsoever? Turn the dials, open the oven door, press the buttons…nothing?


The most common reason your oven has no power is because the circuit breaker in your switchboard has turned-off resulting in cutting off the power supply to the oven.


By law, ovens (unless they’re plugin) must be on a dedicated circuit from your switchboard, meaning that circuit supplies power directly to the oven all controlled by a switch.


If the switch is off then there’s no power to the oven.

melbourne switchboard

There are two reasons why this switch (circuit breaker) would be off. One is because it’s turned off by someone in the house (has a contractor been around lately?).


Alternatively, it could be off because something in the circuit has faulted resulting in a safety switch turning it off immediately.


In either case, to rectify this issue simply go to your household switchboard panel and ensure the oven circuit is on.


If your oven is not hardwired because it’s either gas or a plug-in, simply check the power point it’s plugged into to check the switch is on.


If this issue continues to occur, there’s probably something wrong with your oven and you should call a professional to attend your property, find the electrical fault and repair your oven.

Why won’t my oven work on any setting?

If you’ve checked your switchboard and the circuit to the oven is in the ON position, the next common problem is that the oven timer needs to be set.


This is especially obvious if the oven timer is flashing.

oven timer set

Some ovens need the timer to be set before any other functions work.


Setting the oven timer usually involves pressing and holding multiple buttons until the time flashes, then using the + and – buttons to set it to the correct time. Please see the instruction booklet that came with your oven for specific information on your oven make and model.


However, the timer might be set and still your oven isn’t working.

If setting the timer doesn’t repair your oven, the issue is usually a little more complicated and could involve burnt or faulty wiring or faulty switches.

oven fixer technician

We don’t advise the general public to attempt this type of repair as it can be both dangerous and cause further damage to the oven. In this instance, call a professional for your oven repair.

Why won’t my oven heat up?

Ovens that don’t heat are just boxes of metal, right? What’s the point.

The reality is that this is common in both gas and electric ovens yet the reasons behind why it isn’t heating would vary not only from gas to electric, but also from brand to brand.

If your electric oven isn’t heating, it’s usually due to either a faulty/broken element, selector switch, faulty/burnt wiring, or it the oven needs cleaning, or perhaps another uncommon cause.

oven grill element

If your gas oven isn’t heating, it could be a problem with the gas supply, the burner, faulty/burnt wiring or other problem/s which are again less common.


In either case, we strongly recommend that you consult an oven repair professional to assist you – particularly when dealing with gas.

Why is my oven temperature wrong?

Over or under-heating ovens are a very frustrating, particularly as you find this out the hard way with either burnt or undercooked food.


The most common cause of the oven not regulating the correct temperature is due to a faulty or broken thermostat.


Changing the thermostat is quite a difficult task and it’s important to always use original parts to ensure the new thermostat (or any part for that matter) is compatible with your oven.

testing blanco oven temperature

Again, please reach out to your local oven repair professional for an overheating or underheating oven.

Why won’t my oven door close properly?

Ensuring your oven door closes properly is extremely important from both an energy efficiency perspective, but also to prevent heat escaping and damaging adjacent cabinetry (if any).


If your oven door is not closing properly, it’s usually due to two reasons:


  • Oven seal is broken – quite common and simply to tell whether this is the case.
  • Oven hinges and hinge brackets are broken – also very common when an oven door doesn’t not completely close. These can be quite tricky to install and oftentimes require a new hinge bracket as well as a new set of hinges.
oven door repair

Note that installing generic or the wrong size hinges mean that either the oven door will close too quickly (causing the glass to shatter) or won’t support the weight of the door (causing the hinges to simply break again).


As such, it’s imperative to install the correct brand and size of hinges to your oven so they both fit and last.

What is the lifespan of an oven?

appliance store

In our years of experience at Oven Fixer, the average lifespan of an oven is 15 years and ranges between 10-30 years. This mileage depends on a number of factors like brand make, model number, fuel type and care given.


The greater care given to your oven, the longer it lasts. For example, opening and closing the oven door carefully will extend the lifespan of the hinges and seal of your oven.


Of course, the older the oven gets the more likely it is to encounter an issue that requires repair.


Furthermore, the older the oven the more likely the parts required to repair the oven are no longer in stock from the manufacturer or available on the market – leaving the only option to be replacing the oven entirely (unless you scavenge the web for second-hand parts which we strongly advise against).

How much does it cost to repair an oven?

Oven repairs vary by location depending on urban density and availability of trained technicians and supply of parts.


The average oven repair in our experience at Oven Fixer ranges from $100 to $600 and depends on the make of the oven, the issue and the supply and availability of replacement parts.


If you would like a free phone consultation and quotation, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be glad to help you further.

oven repairs in melbourne

Should I repair or replace my oven?

At Oven Fixer, we always try to repair ovens where we can. However, there are some instances where replacing is the better suited option.


This is because:

  • Repairing the oven is uneconomical – the cost of parts and labour exceeds the value of the oven or is excessive relative to the ovens value. This is particularly the case with older ovens or ovens that are of lower quality as in both cases, they’re prone to further issues down the track
  • The parts required to repair the oven are no longer commercially available and as such, replacing becomes the only option.

If you do need help with replacing your oven, we’ve written a complete guide to oven installation here.

Furthermore, if you’d like your new oven installed, you can visit our oven install page here.

Who specialises in oven repairs?

Although electricians and plumbers are technically qualified to repair your electric and gas oven respectively, they oftentimes lack the experience, supply chain and specialised knowhow to repair ovens.

Of course, if you’re the DIY type you may be able to figure some of the simpler tasks out yourself.

Otherwise, Oven Fixer is your fast and friendly oven repair and installation service provided in Melbourne near you. We are certified by the VBA and ESVContact us today for more information – we’d be glad to hear from you.

Michael is the Lead Technician at Oven Fixer and resident blogger. He has over a decade of experience across appliance repairs and gas and electrical safety in both the UK and Australia.

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