Oven Repair St Kilda East

Oven Repairs

Experience expert oven repair with our skilled technicians. We diagnose issues meticulously and efficiently replace or repair faulty parts.

Oven Door Repairs

Oven door repair by our experts involves a meticulous diagnosis of issues related to hinges, seals, or glass.

Oven Hinge Repairs

Oven door hinge repair by our technicians involves inspecting the hinges for damage or misalignment.

Oven Glass Repairs

We perform oven glass repairs when we find breaks, warps, or dents in any type of glass material on oven doors.

Oven Element Repairs

We repair oven elements by finding faulty components and replacing them with the right brand, make, and model.

Oven Switch Repairs

Our licensed technicians perform oven switch repair thoroughly and inspect the switch and efficiently replace or repair the component as needed.

Oven Thermostat Repairs

Our technicians meticulously assess the thermostat, ensuring accurate temperature control. We guarantee your oven maintains precise heating for optimal cooking results.

Oven Ignition Repairs

For oven ignition repairs, we assess the ignition system, identify any issues, and promptly replace or repair faulty components.

Oven Fan Repairs

We execute oven fan repairs by carefully examining the fan for any issues. We swiftly replace or repair the faulty parts, ensuring that your oven's fan functions smoothly for consistent and even cooking.

Brands We Work On

If Your Oven Brand is Not Here, Call Us to Check for Repair Details

Brands We Work On

If Your Oven Brand is Not Here, Call Us to Check for Repair Details

Oven Repair Experts in St Kilda East

Opt for Oven Fixer’s expertise in St Kilda East oven repairs. Our seasoned professionals conduct meticulous inspections, emphasizing the well-being of your appliance. Reach out today to smoothly schedule a repair, ensuring your oven operates flawlessly. Trust Oven Fixer for the assurance and peace of mind you deserve.


If you need an oven repairoven door repair, or an oven installation in Melbourne – you can count on the Oven Fixer for a professional, fast and friendly service.


Oven Repair St Kilda East: We offer a flat service charge for oven repairs and oven installs so you know ahead of time what the price will be.


We also offer Aussies our Appliance Installation Program for Oven Repair St Kilda East rates. We also offer Appliance Repairs.

Oven Repair St Kilda East

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Step 1

Reach out to us at 0421 652 332 and share the specifics of the issue. We’ll respond to all your inquiries and guide you in understanding our process.

Step 2

We will request details about the issue, location in St Kilda East, including photos of the oven and affected parts, along with additional information about the problem.

Step 3

After evaluating the necessary work, we’ll provide you with a quote during the call and promptly schedule appointments for oven repairs and installations.

Step 4

Oven Repair St Kilda East Process: Our team will swiftly initiate the oven repairs and installation process. Additionally, we will inspect other areas in need, such as doors, gas connections, and wiring associated with your oven.

Step 5

100% Satisfaction in Oven Repair St Kilda East Job Completion. We guarantee the oven is in working order, whether through repairs, installations, or replacement. Furthermore, all work performed comes with warranties.

We Offer Topnotch Services from Certified and Licensed Electricians and Gas Plumbers for Oven Repair St Kilda East

  • Warranties on All Work Done​

    All work performed comes with a warranty, assuring the safety and efficiency of your ovens and oven parts. Rest easy knowing our team is committed to completing every job perfectly. Warranties available for Oven Repair St Kilda East.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee​

    Dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction, we extend our services to all of St Kilda East the potential of same-day repairs. Please be aware that extensive tasks such as installations and refittings may need advance notice, all in the pursuit of guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction.

  • Licensed Gas and Electricians​

    Rely on our competent team of licensed and experienced gas and electricians for all your gas and electric oven repair requirements. Their expertise ensures a secure and dependable solution, leaving your kitchen running smoothly and your cooking experience stress-free.

  • 250+ 5-Star Google Reviews​

    We are a top-rated company serving the entire Metro Melbourne area and St Kilda East. Reach out to us for the potential of same-day repairs. Please note that extensive tasks like installations and refittings will require advance notice. Oven Repair St Kilda East location available.

  • Trusted by Top Property Management Agenices​

    Preferred by leading property management agencies, our team of licensed and experienced gas and electricians is the ideal choice for gas and electric oven repairs. Our expertise guarantees safety, reliability, and seamless solutions, ensuring your properties remain in top-notch condition.

Trusted by Australia's Top Property Managers


Based on 234 reviews
Derek Watson
Derek Watson
Highly recommend. Ben and the team are very responsive and provide a great service at reasonable prices. Thanks again 👍
Alysia Coventry
Alysia Coventry
Ben was great, oven fixed promptly, and the agreed fixed price was good rather than pay by 15 minutes or labour.
Brett C.
Brett C.
Used for replacement oven installation and removal of old unit. Ben was on time, friendly, professional and did a great job. Would recommend for any similar jobs.
Denham Juriansz
Denham Juriansz
A very Professional company to deal with. Extremely happy with their prompt service
David Patterson (AU)
David Patterson (AU)
Our stove top wasn't working and he was able to diagnose the problem over the phone. Really helpful and responsive. Great company. Thanks.
John Ventura
John Ventura
Fantastic, great service. Will recommend to all family and friends.
Ricky Lim
Ricky Lim
Quick, professional and friendly. Served by Micheal! Amazing!
sara rischitelli
sara rischitelli
Happy friendly staff, fantastic service and at a very reasonable price Very satisfied with the quality of his work, fixed my oven with very short notice, quickly and efficiently. A professional, reliable company with quality staff. Highly recommended.
Kerry Campbell
Kerry Campbell
Excellent service provided by this company would not hesitate to use them again

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Oven Repair St Kilda East Area

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check a faulty oven?

To troubleshoot your oven, consider these steps:

  1. Check the Power: Ensure the oven is properly plugged in, and the power cord is securely connected. Check for any power outage in your area that might affect the oven’s operation.

  2. Verify the Power Outlet: Confirm that the power outlet the oven is connected to is functional. Test it by plugging in another appliance or device.

  3. Inspect the Switchboard Breaker: Examine your home’s switchboard or circuit breaker panel to ensure the circuit powering the oven is switched on. If tripped, reset it.

  4. For Gas Ovens, Check the Gas Valve: If you have a gas oven, confirm the gas supply valve is turned on; it might be accidentally turned off.

  5. Check the Timer: Verify that the oven’s timer isn’t set to delay the cooking process. Reset the timer if needed.

  6. Ensure It’s Actually Turned On: Confirm that you’ve turned the oven on using the appropriate setting or temperature. Sometimes, overlooking this step is easy.

Following these steps can often help identify and resolve common issues causing your oven malfunction. If the problem persists or is complex, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a professional oven repair service for efficient diagnosis and resolution. Call us for Oven Repair St Kilda East area.

What causes a faulty oven?

An oven can stop working for various reasons. To troubleshoot and pinpoint the cause, consider the following:

  1. Power Supply Issues: Check if the oven is receiving power. Ensure the power cord is securely plugged in without any loose connections.

  2. Electrical Outlet: Verify the functionality of the electrical outlet the oven is connected to by testing it with another device or appliance.

  3. Circuit Breaker: Inspect your home’s circuit breaker or switchboard. A tripped circuit can cut power to the oven; reset it if necessary.

  4. Gas Ovens: For gas ovens, confirm that the gas supply valve is open. It might be accidentally turned off.

  5. Timer Settings: Review the oven’s timer settings; it could be programmed to delay cooking or automatically shut off the oven.

  6. Oven Control: Ensure that the oven temperature and cooking mode are correctly set. This simple step is sometimes overlooked.

Following these troubleshooting steps can often help identify and resolve common issues that lead to ovens stopping. If the problem persists or is more intricate, consider seeking the expertise of a professional oven repair service for a thorough diagnosis and repair. Call us for Oven Repair St Kilda East area.

How much does an oven repair cost in St Kilda East?

Oven Repair St Kilda East Cost: When assessing the expense of an oven repair, it’s important to note a service call fee, typically ranging from $140 to $180, in addition to the cost of required parts. For standard oven repairs, the total cost usually falls between $200 and $350. Call us for Oven Repair St Kilda East area.

How much is an oven element replacement?

The expense of replacing an oven heating element can vary significantly, influenced by factors such as the oven brand, type of element needed (grill/upper, lower/bottom, or fan-forced), element size, and the complexity of the replacement. While the average cost typically falls between $230 and $350, this is a general estimate. For an accurate quote and efficient replacement, it’s advisable to consult with a professional appliance repair service. Their assessment of your oven model, heating element, and specific requirements will provide a precise cost estimate, ensuring optimal functionality. Call us for Oven Repair St Kilda East area.

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